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Name/Nickname: Jocelyn
Age: 21
Sex: F
Location: OH
Favorite Jay-Z song: There are alot but I'm gonna go with Dead Presidents
Favorite Jay-Z album: TIE- Reasonable Doubt && The Blueprint
Favorite Jay-Z line:  *"I seen him smile, though his eyes said pray for me. I'll do you one better && slay these n***as faithfully"- Dead Presidents
Favorite Jay-Z collaboration: The Watcher 2 w/ Rakim && Dre
Favorite Jay-Z video: TIE: Song Cry && Excuse Me Miss
RocaFilms movie you have seen (if any): I love Paid in Full
Year you became a Jay-Z fan: like '98ish
All-time favorite artist: Jay
Other artists you listen to: Clipse, Kanye,
Music genres you listen to: lots

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